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traffic safety Org Victoria

  Incorporated in the State  Victoria . Our focus is Traffic Public safety, We address all type of issues

road safety, traffic safety

The organization


  • Not for profit organization Incorporated in the State  Victoria, Australia. 
  • Membership is free 
  • Our focus is Traffic Public road safety, We address all type of issues, Poor road conditions, signage, Traffic diversions, monitoring motorist flow, pedestrians flow, temporary  traffic management plans, Traffic controllers behaviors, Traffic management companies performance, Independent compliance audit, task risks assessment. and all road safety issues, we are not specific to Vic roads  controlled roads we include all council roads in our monitoring
  •  Fund raising activities, Donations, Grants, 

Our services


  •  We are a purely consultancy service, and informative  service, Should an issue require to act on , We  would  primarily inform the relevant authority or company of our observations via Email , Phone or in person in some cases we may lobby the Victorian Members of parliament for further assistance regarding the issue. 
  • We can assist you with drawing a traffic management plan ( you must be a member of the association to request a drafting)

How we operate


  • In a serious safety issue we will try approach the party responsible for the works bringing  the issue to their attention and negotiate an acceptable solution for hazard removal , In some cases we may have to use the right of entry  covered by work safe act 2004  Health and safety representatives  supported by relevant Unions  or an Authorized work safe Representative due to Negotiation refusal and the immediate issue not being addressed
  • (We would like to add that the usage of our ARREO is definitely the last resort after exhausting all other avenues once passed on we lose all powers of negotiations

Current Activities

  Preparing the necessary requirement for Victorian government Accreditation ( a long process) 


 Currently centered around the metro tunnel construction sites, Domain Rd, Parkville, Ar den street, cbd south, Western portal, Independent reviewers of Traffic Management around the sites,and Effects on the community via noise, pollution and finally  Impact on the environment   

It is a highly time consuming  and stressful task mainly due to the reluctance of CYP safety officers to hear or negotiate traffic related safety issues and sometimes to have the problem addressed by an external organisation will bury us in red tape and tons of paperwork,

road safety more info

  • responsibility for road safety::  VicRoads is responsible for delivering safer roads and roadsides, education and initiatives that keep all road users safe on their journeys as they move across the state of Victoria
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